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Elyse Blackshaw is a British artist and fashion illustrator based in London. Elyse worked as a freelance fashion illustrator and within art education before attending the Royal College of Art in 2019.  Since leaving the RCA in 2021, she has been committed to using fashion illustration to promote and support social and environmental issues.

Elyse uses a range of mixed media drawing materials alongside tablet illustration. Her work is often described as whimsical yet rebellious, and is often identified through her playful use of colour.  Alongside London Fashion Week, Elyse has worked for brands such as Loanhood, Westfield London, Selfridges, Samsung, Crisis and been featured in ELLE, Grazia, Vogue and Noctis Magazine. 

Elyse also has a significant facilitation practice and regularly hosts fashion illustration workshops to schools, colleges and universities across the UK, in addition to  non-profit organisations. Alongside fashion drawing techniques, her focus is to instil a sense of material value and an awareness of circularity through collage.

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Instagram: @elyseblackshaw

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