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Elyse Blackshaw is an emerging artist and freelance illustrator based in London. Her mission is to reinvent fashion illustration into an art form that is inclusive, explores identity and most of all provokes conversations about sustainability. 


In 2013 Elyse graduated from the Manchester School of Art with a First Class BA Hons in Embroidery and was later commissioned as an illustrator for independent designers and magazines. She has been recognised for her continuous documentation of London Fashion Week and has challenged the stereotypical aesthetics of Fashion Illustration. After graduating from the prestigious Royal College of Art, Elyse reinvented the role of a fashion illustrator to reflect the relevance and importance of sustainability in the Fashion Industry.


 Celebrating 10 years as a fashion illustrator, Elyse will be judging at this year's Graduate Fashion Week 2023 alongside illustrators; David Downton, Sue Dray and Jessica Rose Bird. 


As part of her mission for inclusion, Elyse regularly hosts live, interactive workshops for schools, colleges and universities across the UK in addition to non-profit organisations. Influenced by the current throw away culture, she reflects the need to value materials by recycling her artwork through collage. Her workshops focus on 'Sustainable Fashion Illustration' to encourage young creatives to think about their material and consumer choices.

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Instagram: @elyseblackshaw

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