Elyse Blackshaw is a professional illustrator based in South London.  She illustrates and composes vibrant, playful imagery working with various processes such as mark making, collage, digital editing and tablet illustration. In addition to creating

illustrations, she facilitates workshops with UK schools, colleges and mental health organisations. Best known previously for fashion illustration, Elyse brings her unique style to  large public murals.

Born in a small, working class town in Greater Manchester, she dreamed of a more picturesque and larger than life future.

Romanced by films such as Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music, she reimagined reality through drawings. Her love for immersive fantasy translated into her current artistic practice, picturing a better future filled with equality amongst people, animals and plants. 


Following her BA Hons degree at the Manchester School of Art  (2013,)  Elyse  pursued a teaching career for many

years before studying MA Textiles at the Royal College of Art (2021). Here she developed her  fundamental values of illustrating, educating and activating:  illustrations to educate others about their local environments, whilst activating spaces with colour

and positivity.