Elyse Blackshaw is a London based Fashion Artist, born 1992.

Elyse Blackshaw graduated from Manchester School of Art in 2013 before studying at the Royal College of Art in 2020. Deeply routed in a mixed media textile practice, she explores the romanticism of fashion primarily through image making. 

"I’m interested in the relationship between the average modern day woman, such as myself, and the romanticism of fashion and historical culture, specifically within the arts. How this translates in my work is through intimate self-reflections and the raw expression of thoughts and emotions. This materialises through fashion illustration and abstract collages.  I am particularly interested in focusing on female idols within arts and culture referring to successful but tragic individuals such as Sylvia Plath, Tracy Emin, and Frida Khalo. I’m curious to explore why I am drawn to the work and narrative of women who experienced emotional and physical pain, why I relate to them and how there might be an aspect of self-healing and discovery within this fascination. I work with a wide range of media such as ProMarker, Posca and fine liner pens, paint, collage.  I use a very broad range of media to utilise old, unresolved drawings so that no mark goes unused. I make work for sale, exhibition and installations; usually for gallery or indoor environments."

Elyse's London studio, 2020


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