Elyse Blackshaw

Born in Manchester, 1992

Contact - elyseblackshaw@outlook.com

My work is a hybrid of mixed media, deeply rooted in a textile process having studied BA Embroidery at the Manchester School of Art in 2013, followed by MA Textiles - mixed media in 2020.


My background in textiles is apparently through my tactile aesthetic. I like to approach the world with honesty, communicating what I see, think and feel, yet the visual outcome can vary from illustration, textiles, sculpture, writing and video. There's never just one way to interpret a thought or feeling.


My multi-disciplinary ethic is informed by eclectic research into all aspects of art and fashion. In my work I use text and mark making to explore the context of projects, documenting my process through video in a way that is raw and make shift. The materials used in my work reflect my fundamental values of environment, consumerism, and identity.  My imagery, rhetorical in question and concept, begs to start a conversation. 

Elyse's London studio, 2020


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