Let's talk about sCRAP

Through my work I want to push the boundaries of fashion illustration as a communication tool to provoke a conversation.

 I have a toxic relationship with fashion that plays conflict between my adoration for fashion but consciousness for waste. This relationship has embedded a contextual use of naïve depictions of fashion, colouring outside the lines.  



I’m in a toxic relationship with someone called fashion. They manipulate my senses. How did this happen? I was young when you started to groom, as I played with dolls alone in my room. A fantasy world of just you and me, you made me what I wanted, whoever I could be. Then back to reality as time usually goes. Goodbye glitter shoes, I put on my own clothes. A place in the North  away from the action, images of you were my only distraction. You dictated my life.

I followed you through. My savings and time, it’s all spent on you. Do you know the love I have for you dearly?

To be with you finally I now see more clearly. You’re not who I thought, although you look so good. Even though I want you, resist I should. Because it’s not just me who you have the power. Killing us slowly. The world you devour.