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Location: Westfield London, December 2021 


This commission is an eclectic celebration of the local areas surrounding Westfield, past, present, and future. The scenes are a journey through recognisable locations such as Shepherds Bush station platform, Shepherds Bush Market and White City Living, connected by imaginary green spaces in the hope of sustaining or even increasing natural environments within the area. White City acquired its name after the Franco-British Exhibition in 1908, a large public fair where exhibition buildings were all painted white. At the centre corner of this panorama is a building inspired by the historical Congress Hall, reimagined as a colourful centre of the community. 


Throughout, a mix of playful characters can be seen with greyscale skin tones. In a perfect world, no one is judged by the colour of their skin but by the positivity they bring to their loved ones, communities, and environments. As a fashion illustrator for many years, Elyse has documented some of London’s most creative fashion designers’ catwalks shows using monochrome collaged faces to emphasise the colour, texture, and narrative of clothing. In a similar sense, these figures are not assigned a clear identity, gender, sexuality, or race, emphasising the need for equality in a multicultural society. In addition to this, animals and plants are a significant element within the artwork. Drawn in colour, as hybrids, and even human-sized, the creatures are presented as significant equivalents to humans living in harmony.


The overall aim of the commission is to cast a rainbow of positivity over the people who visit Westfield during unprecedented times, encouraging hope and positive change for the future. 

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