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Graphic Hoarding

Graphic Hoarding, Community Murals & 

Window Installations

Working both independently and alongside community groups, Elyse composes imaginative scenes that embody social and environmental messages.

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Shop From Crisis 


A window installation encouraging Rye Lane customers to shop second hand fashion in aid of homelessness.

Sponsored by Captain Cyan

Future Fashion 

In collaboration with the Royal College of Art, Elyse Blackshaw was  commissioned to complete and exhibit through a window along the Silver Walk. The display,  chosen by established brands such as John Lewis and Emily Carter London, aimed to incentivise consumers to adopt more sustainable habits whilst highlighting Westfield's commitment to embedding sustainable and community-driven initiatives across their centres.

Collaborative Community Murals

Banbury mural created with over 100 local participants representing the people and loved places of Banbury. Transforming a disused car sales site into an imaginative wonderland.