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Westfield London , 2021
The overall aim of this commission is to cast a rainbow of positivity over the people who visit the site, especially during unprecedented times, encouraging hope and positive change for the future.

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Westfield London , 2021

Cultivate your creativity with a brilliant drawing-for-design workshop. Experiment with different methods and explore the many uses of patterns while imaginatively repurposing materials and objects.


Action For Refugees Lewisham, 2021

Introduce you to an immersive experience of observational drawing from nature. The workshop encourages imaginative and creative thinking, co-creating, practicing observational techniques and experimenting with mark-making to help children and adults explore their imaginations and develop their creativity in fun and engaging ways together.


Westfield London , 2021

 The exhibit is an exploration of our relationship with fashion, experimenting with protest, colour, and drawing techniques.


MA Textiles Graduate Show, 2021