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How to get your artwork into the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

Blog by London Fashion Illustrator Elyse Blackshaw

Every year, I see artists on social media sharing their frustration as they get yet another rejection from the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. A London exbihition I have visited every year, the summer show presents both prestigious and emerging artists. Can you imagine your work sitting next to Tracey Emin, Grayson Perry or Michael Craig Martin? (to name a few). It is hard to ignore the fact that many of the same artists are chosen every year to exhibit - if you're not rolling your eyes at the photograph of a photograph of a red square in a frame, is it even the Summer Exhibition? If you have been you know the one, and this year the shape is green.

Of course it would be wonderful to have your work submitted here, but if year on year you are rejected - here's what to do...

Grab your artwork, pop it in your bag, and exhibit it there yourself! Take a photograph, make a reel. People will see your artwork at the summer exhibition, even if it's not framed and hanging beautifully.

 Sometime you have to take matters into your own hands, and it makes for great content! Maybe next year I will submit a photograph of a photograph of me holding my artwork in the summer exhibition...

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