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Visiting Vivienne Westwood at Christie's Lates

Blog by London based Fashion Illustrator Elyse Blackshaw

Christie's Lates
Elyse Blackshaw at Christie's Lates

Let's face it, we all love Vivienne Westwood. Not just for her talent and craft, but for her personality and character. I first came across Vivienne Westwood as a teenager in the early 2000's. All my friends new I was obsessed with what appeared to them as an odd, eccentric woman with bright orange hair. What I really admired was her ability to be unapologetically authentic. It also resonated with me that she came from Tinstwistle in Glossop, just a 25 minute drive from where I grew up.

The Christie's Lates event "Radical Thinking: A Celebration of Vivienne Westwood" was an unforgettable evening which was dedicated to celebrating the life and legacy of Dame Vivienne Westwood. It presented an exclusive look at her personal wardrobe of garments, jewellery and shoes from the past 40 years. These were presented to the public ahead of the live and online auction.

Illustration of Vivienne Westwood's shoes at Christie's
Fashion illustration of Vivienne Westwood's shoes at Christie's by Elyse Blackshaw

Before attending the event, I viewed the collection online and felt so inspired by the essence of fashion, punk and iconography, from the hand drawn prints to messages of climate revolution. I painted my own Westwood inspired tote.

Painted tote bag
Painted tote bag by Elyse Blackshaw

I left the exhibition feeling inspired and motivated, with a need to leave my mark on objects and clothing.

Next up - Illustrating Paris Haute Couture for SHOWstudio


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